BBC says: After 2013 buy houses in Croatia

BBC says: After 2013 buy houses in Croatia
The front page news of the British BBC, one of the most relevant international media, was published an article in which tourists and potential investors are invited after the year 2013 to invest in the purchase of real estate on the coast of our beautiful country, which will, they say from the Island, from the year of Croatian accession to the EU be "ripe for the picking."
- In two years, Croatia will, after Slovenia, become the second country from former Yugoslavia to join the European Union as the 28th member.
But, Croatia is now turned to face the future. Since the war in the 1990's, Croatia has become a leading tourist destination for Western tourists. Miles of beautiful Adriatic coast and forests and lakes in the interior have attracted travelers and purchasers of a  'second home' from all around the globe - BBC praised Croatia and its coastline, which is reminiscent, 1778 kilometers long, has more than a thousand islands and over 300 sunny days a year.

- Zagreb has a rich culture and rich night life, but the major tourist attractions and events center are on the coast. Visitors literally flock to sandy beaches of the Istrian Peninsula, the beautiful islands of the blue-green sea, the elegant entertainment on the island of Hvar, Split and Dubrovnik in order to learn of their history, culture and beauty - said the prime text of a BBC news-portal, where they did not forget to mention the gastronomic cuisine and the beauty of the architecture.

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