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If you are looking for a new house in Croatia, that is bright, friendly and modern house, for your new holiday home situated right by the sea or new stone house inland few kilometers from the sea? Offered houses are differently priced, some houses are affordable and further from the sea or some of the houses or holiday homes in Croatia are  build directly by the sea, and their prices are higher? We have new offers, daily, the whole range of attractive, modern houses, your future holiday homes. We are able to arrange building turnkey house or restoring old stone houses, on your request.

Differences between prefabricated houses and newly build houses

Newly build house in Croatia is not industrially prefabricated and assembled on site. For a prefabricated building in Croatia you need a good planning. Until the 1970s prefabricated houses were built quite cheap, but today prefabricated houses are stable, better and custom designed and built, but a building permit is still required. Prefabricated houses in Croatia are mostly built by the sea or inland. It is recommend to build in traditional way, using concrete structures  to build houses and cottages.

Prefabricated houses in execution are not exactly cheap, but cheaper than concrete structures. So if you are interested in a house by the sea in Croatia, holiday home, and you prefer prefabricated house or Turnkey home, we recommend contacting us for an informal conversation about prefabricated or newly build houses, by the sea or inland at this email. @

But what is a Turnkey home

The term "ready" - House "is not protected. A holiday home or a house is done by the vendor, and depends on the client's financial circumstances. The price for floor coverings, wallpaper and paint work is not included. You can choose yourself look like the wallpaper or oil or parquet flooring are all standard. In this respect, then these houses, holiday homes are a bit cheap. We are present in all of Istria, Croatia, with a plus / minus about 1200 various properties, such as vacation homes, including manufactured housing, houses, apartments, villas by the sea, partly by the sea. These houses and houses present without saying, however, attractive, bright, modern, romantic, lasting - durable. Also to find in 1,000 EUR/m2 are holiday homes inland in Croatia. Sometimes there are very cheap holiday homes and houses where you can compete well as wine, Istria wine grow or continue to maintain. Istrian wine is fresh, wonderfully aromatic and the price - performance - winning in Croatia. Istrian wine is as modern and symphytisch denotes its quality - of course - blindly convinced as our cottages and houses by the sea in Croatia.

Traditional Istrian house

A traditional Istrian house is built from the local stone due to natural features and is not coated. Bridge elements on doors and windows are also made from stone. Roofs are made of brick tiles and are additionally weighted with stones because of the fierce winter winds. The cold bora wind on the one hand and the intense summer heat on the other are the reasons for relatively small windows, which are additionally protected by shutters.

Istrian stone , pietra d'Istria, the characteristic group of  building stones in the architecture of  Venice, Istria and  Dalmatia, is a dense type of impermeable limestones that was quarried in Istria, between Portorož and  Pula.  Limestone is a biogenetic stone composed of calcium carbonate from the tests and shells of marine creatures laid down over eons.  Istrian stone is one of the most durable materials , due to its nonporous physical and chemical makeup. Because of this durability, it is well-worth the time and costs of conservation work, as the cleaning and consolidation will enhance the stone’s durability.  Istrian stone is by far the most prevalent stone in Venetian architecture, as it accounts for more than 90 percent of the stone used in Venice.

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