Villas with pool in Croatia

Most holiday homes and villas in Istria, Croatia have a pool

If you are looking for holiday home in Istria or  do you have villas, and are you considering  setting a private pool? There are various types of swimming pools: kidney-shaped pool, oval pool, rectangular pool, etc. 

Why you should have a pool, but the sea is close?

There are good reasons for a holiday home with pool in Croatia buy. Villas with pool gain significantly in real estate value. Villas with pool in Croatia can be marketed better. You can spend fun times with friends and family, in your holiday home with pool. Wellness area in your cottage provides form and fitness. Villas with pool in Croatia bring you so many beautiful and happy moments. In your holiday home with pool you do not depend to no one, you can do and leave, or do nothing and let happen, just as you like it. We have many villas with pool in Croatia on offer, take a look our offer.

Breakfast or brunch on the terrace of your holiday home in Istria

A breakfast or brunch on the terrace of your holiday home in Istria, Croatia, benefits you every day. Spend pleasant moments by your pool, alone or with your family and your friends. In your holiday home or a house in Istria, Croatia you can live and work throughout the year, not just during the holiday.. Inspired by Istria in Croatia, you can, free of other daily challenges, better focus on what matters in life, spending time by a pool  near your holiday home. Istria is so beautiful,  it is worthwhile to consider having a holiday home here, it is also very inexpensive, not only the holiday house,s but  the cost of living in Istria, Croatia is very favorable.

Ask us, we will guide you to the desired house with pool

The food - Croatia Istrian specialties

Culinary Istria, Croatia is also influenced by their neighbors Slovenia, Italy, Austria and rest of the Croatia. The food in Istria is very aromatic, spiced with their own herbs and seasonings and of course prepared with native olive oil. Different local meat include lots of fresh fish, seafood such as lobster and shrimps, all optained by local agriculture, fisherman and hunters. Venison, pork, spare ribs, fish are cooked mostly on the charcoal and are among Croatia's food specialties.. Side dishes are polenta, beans, all kinds of pasta and potatoes cooked in various kind, plus delicious local vegetables in various salads. Bon appetit! One of Istrian specialty is Ombolo - Cured pork chops and air-dried prosciutto. The food in Croatia is high quality and is a joy to taste something - different!

Istrian wine

Istrian wine is nowadays another unique symbol that truly defines the Istrian identity. There are various types of wines that reflect the diversity of climate and soil on which they are grown. Nevertheless, the most famous sort of Croatian wine is the Istrian Malvasia. Apart from Malvasia, in the area Northern Istria you can enjoy the great tastes of Teran, Muscat, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. In addition, a wine tour is also an adventure through the landscapes and pricturesque hills of Istria that you shouldn’t miss out on. When you travel the wine roads of the Umag-Novigrad region, you are setting out on an adventure through indigenous Istria, its landscapes and picturesque hills. While in search of wine cellars, you will come across secluded rural estates and a perfect blend of countryside life and modern trends. Each season adorns the vineyards with a new image; each harvest creates new taste  champions.

Istria, Croatia has beautiful cottages, houses and villas with pool at the ocean, many sights, good food and wine.

When you buy house with pool in Istria, we'll tell you more about way to enjoy life in Croatia.

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